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Cafe Pilon Espresso Ground Coffee 10 Ounce Can

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  • One 10 ounce can of Cafe Pilon Espresso Ground Coffee
  • Dark Roast Coffee
  • Drink it straight up or with milk, you’ll never be disappointed
  • The final destination? The decision is yours
  • 100 percent pure coffee

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Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


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4.05 x 4.05 x 5.55 inches, 10 Ounces

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798527151359 074471101009


Cafe Pilon

8 reviews for Cafe Pilon Espresso Ground Coffee 10 Ounce Can

  1. Piggy

    much better than bustelo. it has less caffeine but a more rich flavor. bustelo drives me nuts with caffeine and tastes bitter. my granny used to drink bustelo and it gave her chest pain. but she lived to 100!

  2. Dee Sup.

    My favorite coffee. I actually only bought this online because I can only find the bricks near me (a 15 minute drive to get to a spanish supermarket) and I wanted to store it in a coffee container that actually said Pilon on it. Works for me! I used Bustelo for my whole life. Tried Pilon and an immediate switchover occurred. Of course it’s more expensive though and never goes on sale. Bummer

  3. iris Herr

    I love the coffee is the richest delicious aroma off Cuban coffee I’ve been drinking this coffee it for almost four years already and they spoiled me for try different coffees nothing like a good Pilon I ordered the brick all the time I I buy the can to storage my coffee thank you love it

  4. XBigGreenRugger

    I am a Cafe Bustelo fan, I have been drinking that for decades.

    Anyhow, I decided to try Cafe Pilon, which I found to be lacking in the rich flavor I expect from a Latin American espresso! Hence, I am back to Cafe Bustelo!

  5. Nicholas Pierce

    This stuff is delicious. I’m no expert, by any means. However, I have drank the expensive Illy stuff in the fancy can, and the bitter tasting LaVazza stuff from the super market. Meh. This (and its cousin Cafe Bustelo) are both just delicious. I use my stovetop espresso maker (20 bucks at IKEA) to make delicious cafe con leche every morning. Just like (well, OK, not quite) in Miami or Tampa! I like that its in a can, and the label design (strangely important to me) is simple and elegant! A little pricey, but you can’t get this stuff up here in Minnesota!

  6. dk60

    Being new to making my own espresso, I thought this coffee would be a good place to start since several reviewers liked it.
    I used it with a Bialetti Brikka stove-top espresso maker. The Brikka requires making(and throwing away)4 or 5 pots to season it.
    At first the Café Pilon tasted bitter, but with successive pots it became”smoother”, as did my technique.

    After more like 7 or 8 pots I was able to get better taste as well as the much desired crema.

  7. Scott Little

    Every other coffee is blah now. This has a touch of natural mocha flavor. I make this in a stove top espresso maker add a touch of sugar and top with whipped cream. Better then any 6$ franchise “coffee “.

  8. Jackson Helium

    This is coffee. Not American style coffee, like Folgers. Cuban style coffee, better suited for espresso machines. It came in a can. It weighed 10 ounces. It produced tasty coffee product. I liked it better than “Cats” and would see it again and again. Buy this coffee.

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