Introducing our Organic Certified Honduran Medium Roast Whole Bean Coffee by Brand Name

Introducing our Organic Certified Honduran Medium Roast Whole Bean Coffee! Crafted with care and precision, this 5lb bag of 100% Arabica specialty coffee is a true gem. With its small batch roasting and same day packaging, every cup promises an exquisite experience. Not only is it bursting with flavor notes of nutty goodness and a hint of chocolate, but it is also Fair Trade USA and USDA Organic certified, ensuring a sustainable and ethical choice. So why settle for ordinary when you can savor the extraordinary? Get your hands on this delightful 5-pound bulk coffee and elevate your morning brew to new heights.

Brand Name Organic Certified Honduran Medium Roast Whole Bean Coffee
Highly recommended
The 5lb Fair Trade Organic Certified Honduran Medium Roast Whole Bean coffee by Govena is highly recommended for its exceptional flavor, ethical sourcing, and affordable price. With its smooth finish and enticing flavor notes, it is sure to impress any coffee enthusiast.
Health Benefits
  • Organic and Fair Trade Certified
  • Good flavor
  • Reasonably priced
  • Smooth finish
Product Limitations
  • No explanation available
  • Drawbacks: None mentioned in the reviews

Introducing our exceptional product, the 5lb Fair Trade Organic Certified Honduran Medium Roast Whole Bean Coffee. This coffee is a perfect blend of quality and conscience, providing you with a delightful taste experience while making a positive impact on the lives of farmers and the environment.

Certified by Fair Trade USA, this Honduran coffee has been sourced with the utmost care and consideration. Its flavor profile is characterized by notes of honey, a refreshing hint of lemon brightness, and a subtle touch of chocolate. With a medium acidity and a well-balanced taste, this coffee is suitable for various brewing methods such as French Press, Aeropress, and drip coffee.

We take great pride in our commitment to sourcing fresh and in-season coffee beans directly from the farmers. When our partners in Colombia complete the drying process, we promptly import the dried green coffee beans to ensure their freshness. The beans then undergo small batch roasting, enabling us to unlock the distinct flavor notes of each bean. By roasting in small batches, we ensure that every bean reaches its full potential and flavor excellence.

Our medium roast whole bean coffee is a testament to our dedication to quality. We believe that roasting should emphasize the original flavor of the beans. Unlike other roasters who tend to over-roast their beans, we prioritize freshness and utilize beans that are in season. This approach sets our coffee apart, as it provides a rich and aromatic experience, free from the burnt taste that often plagues inferior products.

Every aspect of our coffee is carefully considered, from the sourcing to the roasting process. Rest assured that our coffee is Fair Trade USA Certified and USDA Organic Certified, reflecting our commitment to ethical and sustainable practices. We take pride in supporting the farmers and protecting the environment while delivering exceptional coffee to our customers.

Product Specifications
  • Weight: The product is 5 pounds in weight, ensuring that you receive a substantial amount of coffee to enjoy
  • Quality: The coffee is made from 100% Arabica beans, known for their superior taste and aroma
  • Certification: The product is Fair Trade Organic Certified, assuring that it is ethically sourced and produced
  • Roast: It is a medium roast, offering a balanced flavor profile that is neither too strong nor too light
  • Whole Bean: The coffee comes in whole bean form, allowing you to grind it fresh for a more flavorful cup
  • Origin: The coffee is sourced from Honduras, adding a unique flavor characteristic to the beverage

By choosing our 5lb Fair Trade Organic Certified Honduran Medium Roast Whole Bean Coffee, you are not only treating yourself to a premium coffee experience, but you are also making a positive impact on the world. Join us in our mission to Go Make a Difference, one cup of coffee at a time.

Superior Quality Coffee Beans
  • Small Batch Roasted
  • Same day Roasted and Packaged
  • Fair Trade USA Certified
  • USDA Organic Certified
  • Flavor Notes: Nutty, Sugary/Sweet Body, Hint of Chocolate
  • 100% Arabica Specialty Coffee

Excellent Flavor and Value for Money

We are pleased to say that the 5lb Fair Trade Organic Certified Honduran Medium Roast Whole Bean coffee has exceeded our expectations. After being disappointed by another Honduran coffee in the past, we were pleasantly surprised by the smooth and flavorful experience this coffee delivers. The light roast with its strong floral aroma during brewing creates a delightful sensory experience. Moreover, the finish is remarkably smooth, devoid of any bitterness. It has quickly become one of our favorite coffees, and we will definitely be purchasing it again.

Affordable Organic and Fair Trade Option

One of the standout features of this coffee is its affordability. Often, we have noticed that the prices of certain brands are skyrocketing or the quality is suffering. With this coffee, we have found the perfect balance between price and quality. We are thrilled to be able to enjoy an organic and fair trade coffee that does not break the bank. It is reassuring to know that we are supporting sustainable and ethical practices without compromising on flavor.

Unparalleled Flavor and Quality

As avid coffee enthusiasts who have explored countless brands over the years, we can confidently say that Govena has become our preferred choice. The Honduran medium roast from this brand has captivated our taste buds like no other coffee before. The flavor profile offers delightful notes of nuttiness, a sugary sweetness in its body, and a subtle hint of chocolate. Each batch is carefully roasted and packaged on the same day, ensuring maximum freshness and flavor retention. The attention to detail and dedication to quality are evident in every sip.

Bottom Line

5lb Fair Trade Organic Certified Honduran Medium Roast Whole Bean coffee by Govena is an exceptional choice for coffee lovers who appreciate both flavor and ethical sourcing. With its smooth finish, enticing aroma, and alluring flavor notes, it is a remarkable addition to any coffee enthusiast’s collection. The fact that it is USDA organic and Fair Trade USA certified only adds to its appeal. Plus, it offers outstanding value for money, making it an accessible option for those seeking top-notch coffee without breaking the bank. Give it a try and upgrade your coffee experience today.

Key Factors to Consider when Choosing the Perfect Coffee

When it comes to selecting coffee, there are a few key factors to consider in order to ensure a satisfying and flavorful experience. Firstly, we recommend choosing coffee beans that are freshly roasted. Look for a roast date on the packaging and opt for beans that have been roasted within the past two weeks. Additionally, consider the origin of the coffee beans. Different regions produce unique flavor profiles, so explore various origins to find your preferred taste. Furthermore, pay attention to the roast level. Lighter roasts tend to showcase the beans’ unique characteristics, while darker roasts bring out bolder flavors. Lastly, keep your personal preferences in mind. If you enjoy a particular flavor note or strength, seek out coffee that aligns with your preferences. By considering these factors, you can select a coffee that suits your taste and brew a truly delightful cup of joe.

  • Certification: Ensure that the coffee is certified organic by a reputable certification body. This ensures that the coffee has been produced using organic farming methods without the use of synthetic chemicals or pesticides
  • Country of Origin: Check that the coffee beans originated from Honduras, as indicated in the product’s description. Honduran coffee is known for its rich flavor and distinct profiles
  • Brand Reputation: Consider the reputation and credibility of the brand. Research the company’s background, values, and commitment to sustainability and fair trade practices. Look for well-established brands known for their quality coffee
  • Roasting Level: For a medium roast coffee, ensure that the product specifies “medium roast” on the packaging. Medium roast coffees typically offer a balanced flavor profile, with a more subtle acidity and a bit more body
  • Whole Bean: Look for whole bean coffee as opposed to pre-ground coffee. This allows for better flavor preservation and freshness as the coffee beans are ground just before brewing
  • Packaging: Examine the packaging for airtight seals and appropriate material to preserve the coffee’s freshness. Look for packaging that protects the beans from exposure to light, oxygen, and moisture
  • Harvest Date: If available, check for the coffee’s harvest date. Fresher coffee generally yields a more flavorful cup. Ideally, choose coffee with a recent harvest date to ensure peak freshness
  • Aroma: Get a sense of the coffee’s aroma if possible. Smell for enticing notes that appeal to your preferences. Each coffee has distinct aromatic characteristics that can give you an idea of its flavor profile
  • Flavor Notes: Look for flavor notes mentioned on the packaging or product description. In the case of Honduran coffee, you might find flavor profiles such as chocolate, caramel, citrus, or nuttiness. Consider which flavors you enjoy or seek to explore
  • Price: Evaluate the coffee’s price relative to the quality, reputation, and certifications offered. While price doesn’t always determine the coffee’s quality, it can be an indicator of the brand’s commitment to fair trade practices and sustainable sourcing

Red Flags: Indications that “Brand Name Organic Certified Honduran Medium Roast Whole Bean Coffee” may not be the ideal product for you.

  • Quantity: The first warning sign is the 5-pound bulk packaging. If you are an occasional coffee drinker or prefer to try different coffee varieties, a large quantity like this may not be suitable. Consider whether you will be able to consume this amount of coffee before it goes stale
  • Roast Level: The medium roast level may not be ideal for everyone. If you prefer a darker or lighter roast, this product may not be your preference
  • Country of Origin: The coffee is sourced from Honduras. If you prefer coffee from a different region, this may not be the product for you. Different coffee-growing regions have distinct flavor profiles, so ensure the country of origin aligns with your preferences
  • Whole Bean vs. Ground: This product is specified as whole bean coffee. If you don’t have a coffee grinder or prefer the convenience of pre-ground coffee, this whole bean coffee may not be suitable for you
  • Fair Trade Organic Certification: While fair trade and organic certification are important factors for some buyers, others may not place the same importance on these labels. If you do not prioritize these certifications, you may want to consider other options

Discover the perfect balance of flavor and sustainability with our 5lb Fair Trade Organic Certified Honduran Medium Roast Whole Bean coffee. Experience the richness of 100% Arabica Specialty Coffee, carefully sourced to bring you an exceptional 80 ounces of pure delight.


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