Pío Leyva

Pío Leyva: The Sonero of Buena Vista Social Club

Early Life: Pío Leyva, born Wilfredo Pascual Leyva on May 5, 1917, in Morón, Cuba, emerged as one of the most iconic figures in Cuban music, particularly in the genre of son cubano. Growing up in a musically vibrant environment, Leyva developed a deep passion for the rich musical traditions of Cuba.

Musical Journey: Pío Leyva’s musical journey began at an early age. His innate talent for singing and percussion set him on a path to becoming a prominent figure in the Cuban music scene. Leyva’s expressive vocals, combined with his rhythmic prowess as a percussionist, made him a standout talent.

Buena Vista Social Club: In the late 1990s, Pío Leyva gained international recognition as a key member of the Buena Vista Social Club. The project, initiated by Ry Cooder and Juan de Marcos González, aimed to revive traditional Cuban music by bringing together veteran musicians. Leyva’s contributions to the ensemble, including his soulful rendition of classic Cuban songs, played a vital role in the global success of the Buena Vista Social Club.

Sonero Extraordinaire: Pío Leyva was renowned for his skill as a sonero, a vocalist specializing in the son cubano genre. His ability to convey the emotion and storytelling inherent in son music made him a beloved figure in Cuba and beyond. Leyva’s charismatic stage presence and engaging performances endeared him to audiences worldwide.

Versatility and Legacy: Beyond his vocal talents, Pío Leyva showcased his versatility as a percussionist, contributing to the rhythmic foundation of the music he performed. His impact on Cuban music extended far beyond the Buena Vista Social Club, as he collaborated with various groups and artists throughout his extensive career.

Later Years and Passing: Pío Leyva continued to share his musical gifts with audiences well into his later years. He remained an active and influential presence in the Cuban music scene until his passing on March 22, 2006. His legacy lives on through his timeless recordings, which continue to captivate listeners and celebrate the authenticity of Cuban son.

Cultural Ambassador: Pío Leyva’s role as a cultural ambassador for Cuban music was solidified through his participation in the Buena Vista Social Club. The project not only introduced his artistry to a global audience but also played a significant role in preserving and promoting the traditional sounds of Cuban music.

Pío Leyva’s life and career stand as a testament to the enduring power of Cuban son. His contributions to the Buena Vista Social Club and his lifelong dedication to preserving the musical heritage of Cuba have left an indelible mark on the world of Latin music.


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